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White Pants You Can Underthink

Spanx needed a campaign to promote their newest innovation, white pants that you can’t see through. They wanted to do something huge and attention grabbing. 


We began with the all too familiar insight that wearing white pants leads to overthinking, thus leading us to land on the line we’re very proud of: “White Pants You Can Underthink.” As an ultimate product demo of the pants’ 100% opacity, we came up with the idea to put a nude of an influencer onto a billboard that is literally wrapped in the fabric from the Spanx pants. Proving once and for all that there’s finally a white pant out there that will hide the things you want to keep private.


Our hopes and dreams were exceeded as we landed Ashley Graham for the campaign, and the rest was history.


Dean Paradise & Bruno Mazzotti | ECDs

Lauren Cooper & Cara Johnson | ACDs

Clara Lvoff & Rachel Fund | Junior Creatives

220421_OM_SPANX_PLEXI_MODEL_02_LOOK_05_0224 V2.jpg
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