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About Us.

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Just two gals who met in ad school, fell in love, and have been working at GUT since the great depression of 2020. 


We have really become a team, so much so that no one addresses one of us without saying both our names. Seriously, even if only one of us is in the room, they call us “Rachel and Clara” and while this may just be because we're two GORGEOUS young women in a predominantly male field and they genuinely don't know who is who, we believe it is because we are an iconic duo who are an undeniable force when together.


We love any opportunity to be edgy or funny but also a feminist killjoy when necessary. We spend entirely too much time on TikTok but we have been described as “plugged-in” so you can count on us for the POV of the kids at work without the labor laws. 

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Clara & Rachel

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