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Stella Artois
A Taste Worth More

Stella Artois was looking to move away from their reputation as a boring banquet beer, and we were put onto this account to inject some “coolness” and youth into their branding. The ask was one of our biggest tasks yet — a global campaign with a high profile celebrity.

After an arduous and revealing process it was decided that the iconic new face of the brand would be beloved baller, David Beckham. He was on the top of our personal list from the start, and we were thrilled to be able to create a new look for Stella with the likes of such a stylish and sought after household name who was especially relevant in the wake of his Netflix series taking off. 

Settling on the messaging that Stella Artois is “A Taste Worth More” we were then tasked with introducing our iconic new brand ambassador to the world.


Jose Ramirez & Jeff Schermer | CDs

Clara Lvoff & Rachel Fund | Art Director & Copywriter

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